Nourished in October

Goodbye, October. Hello, November.

After months of pretending that it’s fall in SoCal, the actual fall weather finally arrived. Hello crisp air, flannel shirts, and boots. How I missed you so. Here are somethings that nourished me in October…

  1. All the music. This new T. Swift song, this War on Drugs song, and also this song. Like on repeat.
  2. Blowouts. The other day, I had this feeling like “I need my outsides to match my insides.” I’ve been feeling a little fiercer this year and I just needed a change that helped reflect this. So, I went to the Dry Bar, and bam! Feeling a little more like myself with this do right now.
  3. This show. Have you seen it? You can watch season 1 on Hulu and it is SO GOOD.
  4. And this movie. I’m a sucker for inspirational sports stories. And for women rocking it. If you are too…then run, don’t walk to see Battle of the Sexes.
  5. Running. Running and I have a long history, and I took a few months off after July. However, in October, I started lacing up my sneakers again, and it’s been feeling pretty darn good.
  6. This essential oil diffuser. I’ve now used this gem twice, and my room feels like a spaaaaahhhh!

What’s been nourishing you? Leave a comment and let us know!


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