Nourished in September

Hi friends! Did you think I forgot about the September favorite posts because we are already a week into October? Nope, I didn’t…promise.


Because I’m all about being honest, I will honestly tell you that September was a little rough. When all of the excitement of new beginnings wore off, I was left feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. I will also honestly tell you that I’m still finding my footing. Plugging back into self-care practices and slowing down. Wayyyy down. Here are somethings that helped…

  1. This yoga studio. Since moving out of Santa Monica, it’s been a struggle to find a new yoga studio. But this place. Oh, whoa is me. I finally feel like a found a new studio to call home.
  2. Sarah Sapora’s Body Love Workshop. An entire day devoted to embracing, reconnecting, and healing. PLUS, I got the chance to meet some amazing body positivity activists, like Gina and Gia.ย If Sarah’s workshop comes to you…I urge you, GO!
  3. This song. But also this one. And this one. My music taste has been ALL OVER THE PLACE this month. I’ve been rediscovering some of my old college faves, like Lupe Fiasco and Girl Talk. And I’ve also been feeling all those slow moody tunes that make me feel like fall is actually here.
  4. This podcast episode. Learning about self compassion like whoa right now. It’s a serious game changer.
  5. This wine shop. A wine shop on the east side that sells wine made by lady winemakers exclusively. I love, love, love it.
  6. Sons of Anarchy. Once again, I am late to a cult TV show party. But I’ve fallen in love with SOA…enough to call it SOA. It’s on Netflix and it’s binge-worthy.

What nourished you this month? Leave a comment with any recommendations!



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