Nourished in August


Hello friends! I can’t believe it’s been a whole month since I last sat down to write to you. August was jam packed with travel and new beginnings. I’m so grateful to be back here at my little turquoise desk, sharing some of my August faves with you…

  1. Greece! This past month, I spent 10 magical days trekking around the Greek islands with one of my favorite gal pals, Becca. We lived in our bikinis, survived on tzatziki and tomatoes, and washed our hair in the ocean. The slow pace, salt water, and such an amazing friend by my side truly nourished my heart.
  2. Femme Fatales. In the month of August, I watched this, read this, and have been listening to this on repeat. It’s all got me feeling pretty fiery.
  3. This Ted Talk. I have fallen in love with Sarah Jones. Her performance is seriously perspective shifting.
  4. This song. I love Lorde. I just love her.
  5. This Instagram account. Realness around skin + body is just so refreshing. We need more people like Dana on social media, reminding us to embrace imperfections.
  6. My writing. While I didn’t write on la blog this month, I’ve actually been working on some fiction. When I sit down to write, it feels like this creative part me finally gets to breath. I feel more like myself when I’m writing…calm and inspired all at once.

What nourished you this month? Leave a comment below and let me know!


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