Dear heartbreak,

Dear heartbreak,

There is something I must tell you.
I have decided to choose joy.

Quite honestly, I only recently learned that joy is a choice.
I’ve decided to stop waiting on external circumstance,
and seek out the beauty instead.
I’ve decided to live there,
in that space.
Because let’s be real,
there is so much freaking beauty out there.

Last night, I drank wine with girlfriends
And ate too much thai food.
During the day, I taught students that are dear to my heart
and had meaningful conversations.
My lunch included fresh farmer’s market bread and cherries.
Joy, Joy, Joy.
Beauty, Beauty, Beauty.

So yes dear heartbreak, I see you.
I see that there are pieces that still ache.
I know that in the past month there has been loss
and difficult conversations
and lots of questions.

Yet there’s also been a turning of the seasons, heartbreak.
Can you feel it?
The change in tide?
The breath of fresh air?
And I’ve decided to go soak it all in.

Heartbreak, my dear teacher, you are always welcome.
You may stay as long as you like,
as long as you need.
I will never force you to leave.
But I’m just telling you that joy will be at the table too now
and she will be running the show.
She is vibrant and alive
and jumps into life fearlessly.
She makes mistakes
but never looks back.
Trust me, you will love her.

Know that there’s always a space for you, heartbreak.
You just won’t be the loudest voice anymore.

Sending you lots of gratitude,




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