Nourished in May

Hello June!
To me, June feels like homemade cocktails, slower days, and outdoor concerts. June represents the turning of a season. That moment where we can finally slip into our summer skin.


But before we jump into all the yummy-ness of summer, here’s what nourished me this past month:

  1. Mexico! My cousin got married in The Rivera Maya at the beginning of this month. Four days in the sun surrounded by my family was serious soul medicine. Sand, salt water, family, and many a piña coladas. #yesplease
  2. I had a lot of songs on repeat this past month. Some include this one (sorry, not sorry). this one, and most recently, this one.
  3. But also, this band.
  4. This blog. Honest words about grace, grace, grace. Ash writes us letters about friendship, heartbreak, and gratitude.
  5. This book. I LOVED THIS BOOK. Such a must read for anyone who has a background in competitive athletics or who has struggled with their identity at some point (so…all of us?). Abby honestly shares her story about sports, identity, love and addiction.
  6. Rosewater. My cousin shared this little gem with me when were were in Mexico. Now I carry it in my bag always and spritz my face when I need a little pick me up. I bought mine from Whole Foods.
  7. Teaching yoga. I took some time off teaching yoga this past year, as I moved to a new area of town and away from my regular studio. This week though I received a text asking me to sub. I considered it an invitation, and said yes. Leading a class again lit me up. Being able to help people feel at home in their bodies is what I love to do – and yoga acts as a physical manifestation of just this! Being able to teach this week encouraged me to find a regular gig again.
  8. This instagram account. Do you follow her? I am in love.
  9. Cherries! Because they are now is season and I’m super pumped about it.

What’s been nourishing you this month? Love to hear what’s been lighting you up!


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