Nourished in April

I just finished my spring semester of my second year in grad school! Like an hour ago. Phew. Wahoo. Sigh. Can someone come pour me some wine pleazzzzeee?

So now that finals are DONE, we can get onto the monthly faves. Podcasts, and music, and books, oh my!


  1. Virigie Tovar. After listening to this chica on Lu’s Untamed Podcast, I fell in love. Virgie is a #bopo warrior, UC Berkeley professor, and author. Not to mention a fierce fashionista. Her perspective is fresh, real and honest. All my favorites.
  2. Also, Ruthie Lindsey. Listen to her on Branden Harvey’s podcast, Sounds Good.  Her story is an amazing reminder that we can be in pain, and still choose joy.
  3. This book. Holy smokes. I posted about this on IG a few weeks ago while I was mid-read. And you guys, this book is so RAW. I feel it’s important to say that Cat doesn’t really discuss the repercussions of her addiction until the afterword. So therefore, it you’re someone who is in the early stages of addiction or eating disorder recovery, it may be helpful to read the afterword first. Here, Cat talks about the true depths of her addiction and the beginning stages of her recovery.
  4. And this memoir too. I’m reading it now. Dani Shapiro has the amazing ability to capture the beauty in the mundane. Hourglass is about time, memory, and marriage. In it, she thinks back to her younger self and wonders if that younger self still exists in her now. And if her current self exists in her younger self. That sentiment took my breath away. We are always in the process of becoming. Yet we are always so beautifully whole.
  5. Lemonade. Specifically this song. I know I am way late to this party. But I don’t really care. When the album first came out, I wasn’t quite ready for all that fierceness. I’m ready now.
  6. And this song. Like on repeat.
  7. This movie. On Netflix. Yes, it is a romance, and slightly comedic. You were warned. But I’ve got a soft spot for romance. And while the film is simple, the movie explores the complexity of love and timing. One of my favorite lines – “Life is a collection of moments. The idea is to have as many good ones as you can.”
  8. Exploring L.A., even more. One of my friends and I created a GoogleDoc of adventures and explorations we want to go on, in L.A….and beyond. We are continually check marking experiences and adding new ones to the list. This month, we went to a jazz club and to Little Ethiopia for Ethiopian food. We also added an infrared sauna field trip to the list. I’ll let you know how that one goes next month….

What’s been nourishing you this past month? Love hearing about your faves….


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