Nourished in March

Holy smokes! March is a funny month, isn’t it? The beginning seems to drag a bit and then…BAM, it’s April! When I think back over this month, I think of deep convos with friends, a visit from my mama (filled with some excellent self-care), new music finds, and workouts that had me feeling like I was on cloud 9…..

Here’s what lit me up this month!

  1. SoulCycle. Ok, ok, ok. Please don’t immediately close that browser window. Yes, I am now a proud member of the SoulCycle cult. But you guys….like….what? Do they put something in those candles that makes you come back for more? Honestly, March brought some crossroad moments for me and I found myself needing to recommit to master’s program. The energy of SoulCycle has been helping me push through the nitty gritty of school work and see my bigger goal.
  2. Big Little Lies on HBO. I read this book a while back and the mini series is done so well! The casting and acting alone, so excellent. If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can do a free 7 day HBO trail and watch all seven episodes in a week. DO IT!
  3. This song. And pretty much everything by The National.
  4. This song too.
  5. This video of Brazilian ballerina, Ingrid Silva. Makes me cry…like literately every time.
  6. Old journals. Recently, I went through a boat load of old journals and pictures. I cried. I laughed. I touched the page, remembering the person who I once was. Give it a try, read back through old journals. Visit the younger you, and see how all the things you once stayed up worrying about, somehow worked out for the best.

What’s been lighting you up lately? Leave a message below with any music/movie/TV/book recommendations!


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