Nourished in January

Hello friends! How are you? What have you been up to this past month?

I just got back from Houston, Texas and a weekend full of family, champagne, and a bathtub that could legitimately fit three people in it. Family time is my favorite. Like really..MY FAVORITE. So leaving always feels a bit tough. Anyone with me on that? It is these tough moments though that I am reminded to be gentle with myself. Curling up with tea and a good book help me recenter after a trip. Here are some other goodies that have been nourishing me this past month…

  1. A gratitude practice. Recently, I’ve been consistently writing down 3 things that I’m grateful for each day. Sometimes the list is as simple as hot tea, hot shower, and roasted broccoli. Other times, I feel especially grateful for a friend, a conversation, or the rain. It’s fun to notice what comes up each day and say “thank you.”
  2. This book. Please go to Amazon and order this right now. Dr. Anita Johnston uses storytelling and metaphors to help readers understand womens’ relationships with food. I found myself wanting to underline every passage. This book is a beautiful reminder that as women, we have a deep connection with our intuition that should be celebrated rather than controlled.
  3. This song. Amazing for working out, flying on airplanes, and imagining you’re in some cool choreographed music video.
  4. Old time movies. Recently, one of my girlfriends and I have created a routine of watching old-time movies and drinking champagne. Yes, I am aware that this is the girliest activity ever. But ya’ll…these movies…just….sigh. The clothes, the romance, the fun adventures…did I mention the clothes?
  5. As long as we are on the girly train…this bookstore. A romance bookstore? Yes please. One of my all time favorite places in LA.
  6. This podcast. Big time innovators and entrepreneurs share their stories. Hello inspiration.
  7. The LA’s Women’s March. What a day to be alive. The energy was truly electric. This march was so much more than a one day event. It was a true call to action. To be honest, for too long I was silent about issues that matter to me. The march was a beautiful reminder that we can no longer be silent.

What is nourishing you this month? Have any movie, book, blog, podcast recommendations? Leave a comment below!


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