Why food prep is self care


I used to roll my eyes when I read about food prep.

Slender blonde girls, surrounded by a heaping piles of chopped veggies. “Sunday food prep day!” the Instagram caption would read. I felt slightly envious. But also slightly annoyed. It seemed unnecessary. Why spend hours on Sunday peeling, slicing, roasting, when you could just sprinkle the work throughout the week?

My rationale was valid, but the reality was not. I would get home late after grad school on weeknights and want to cry at the sight of an un-chopped onion. Dinner suddenly felt ages away and my grumbling stomach was not pleased. And because I didn’t want to waste groceries or spend extra money on take out, I pulled out the ingredients, poured myself a glass of wine and got to chopping. An hour or two later I was grumpy and dinner was finally ready.

I’ve since learned to embrace food prep Sundays. I’ve found that making a plan on Saturday and cooking away on Sunday sets me up for a week of wholesome, ready to eat meals.

My personal plan of attack:

On Saturday morning, I sit down with a cup of coffee and my favorite cookbooks. I pick out one or two recipes that look yummy and exciting. Then, I head to the farmer’s market. I try to get as many of the veggies for my recipes as I can at the farmer’s market. I also pick up a few of my favorite fruits and veggies to have on hand. Broccoli and kale are usual staples. I love to roast the broccoli and sauté the kale. These guys mixed in with some rice and tofu are one of my favorite easy meals. For fruit, I usually go for what’s in season. But apples are a usual fave!

If I’m feeling ambitions, I’ll wash and chop my farmer’s market finds before putting them back in the fridge. Then, I’ll head to Trader Joe’s and pick up remaining ingredients.

On Sunday, I’ll turn on Spotify, chop veggies (if I did’t do it on Saturday), roast the broccoli, sauté the kale, and cook up some rice and tofu to have on hand. Then for my 1-2 cookbook recipes…depending on the type of recipe, I’ll either simply prepare ingredients and sauces (think chopping, mixing, roasting), or cook the whole thing. For example, if I’m making a big batch of soup, I’ll cook it up  on Sunday and have it on hand for the week. But if I’m making a simpler quicker meal, just having the veggies pre-chopped and any sauces made in advance is all the prep I need.

This little plan keeps my heart and tummy happy. Less stress. More mealtime bliss.

Do you enjoy food-preping? What’s your plan of attack? Leave a message below and let me know!




3 thoughts on “Why food prep is self care

  1. selfcaremadeeasy

    This is so true! My husband has been out of town all week for week and he usually does a lot of the cooking and this week I have found myself eating out and not cooking as much because of the time it takes! I love the idea of picking out a couple new recipes each week. Keeps things fun and exciting, but still manageable.


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