Coaching + Cooking + Community

Hi! I’m Amy and I’m so glad you’re here! I have a passion for wholesome cooking, farmer’s markets, and meaningful conversations. My work is to to guide women to a place of feeling truly nourished, from the inside out. Our Nourished Table is a community of self care, a space to gather tools on your journey. You can read recent musings here or contact me for personalized wellness coaching here.  Interested in attending or hosting a Mindful Dinner Party? Check out this page. Welcome, pull up a chair, get nourished!


“With an organic elegance, Amy led us through a beautiful evening. From her opening meditation, to her delicious and wholesome meal of locally sourced ingredients, to the company of like-minded women, this curated dinner party was one to be savored. I left energized by conversations of love, and in more alignment with my authentic power. Thank you, Amy, for creating a warm, unique and supportive space for us to gather!”

Michelle, Collaboration Catalyst, Los Angeles

“Amy’s Mindful Dinner Party was an incredible experience – designed to dive deep into the relationship I have with my body and with the food I eat. I was able to connect with amazing women who I only had the pleasure of meeting for the first time that night. Their connections have stayed with me and I continue to smile as I remember the kindness and the gentle way everyone lifted each other up. Not only was the company amazing, but the food was phenomenal – wholesome, nourishing and so delicious! “

Beth, Yoga Instructor and Sustainability Programs Manager, Los Angeles